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Let’s do this! #TombRaider #360 #Xbox #Xbox360

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 on XBLA for 160MSP

If you don’t already have this game on 360 and aren’t buying this then don’t let my silence make you think any different, I am judging you. Extremely harshly. 

Call of Duty: Black Ops II - Don’t mind if I do. 

What the rest of my Sunday is going to be. - @walteewartooth- #webstagram

(The fact that this controller is slowly dying on me upsets me greatly.)

Reason #1 why you shouldn’t build a mansion out of wood; Fire.

Bored as fuck so I’m about to get my game on. I’m lame, I know this. 

I play Xbox a lot, and I’ve played MW3 more than any man should, but somehow there are people that have played for 54 more days playing time than myself. It’s sickening.

And people say that video games are for immature people… LAVA PHALLUS!

Minecraft has taken over my life. It’s the most addictive drug I’ve ever used and I’m jonesin’ for MOAR.

Minecraft has taken the last 12 hours of my life without me even realising…

Motorola wins Xbox and Windows 7 ban in Germany ›

Microsoft could be forced to recall and destroy its products if Motorola enforces the injunction.

Those poor, poor Germans. 

#Motorola  #Xbox  #Windows  #Germany  #Ban  #360  

M.O.A.B. Boom!

Theatre mode on the PS3 fucking blows. Not ONE decent game of mine has it decided to record the entire thing.

Really can’t wait to get my 360 back. 

Xbox 360 or Playstation 3?

I’ve been asked this quite a few times since I started playing a PS3, so I decided I’d make a post about it. 

My personal preference is definitely the 360, hands down. Why? Let me tell you;

Perks of the 360:

  • 360 controller fits perfectly in my hands.
  • The controller doesn’t have a glossy/slippery finish. 
  • When you download games from Xbox LIVE it is quick and easy. 
  • Online gaming is better ten-fold on the 360. 
  • The online community is massive. 
  • The majority of people will have a 360 over a PS3, therefore you’ll have friends to play with. 
  • The level of gaming on the 360 is in a completely different league to the PS3. When you do well it’s because you’re good.
  • People use mics for team-based games.

Cons of the 360:

  • You have to pay to play online. 
  • Majority of the online fan base are < 15

Perks of the PS3:

  • Online is free, and if you decide to pay for Playstation Plus you actually get your money’s worth).
  • If you don’t like a challenge, it is easy as hell to do well online. 
  • There are more “mature” gamers.

Cons of the PS3:

  • Controller is small and awkward. 
  • It has a glossy finish, therefore gets super slippery when your hands are sweaty, and your fingers slide off the “triggers” regardless of sweat or not.
  • The PSN network is incredibly slow, and downloading games takes forever.
  • When you download something from PSN, you then have to install it instead of it being ready to play. 
  • The community isn’t that big online. 
  • There isn’t a challenge to playing online. If you’re an average gamer, you can destroy the enemy 95% of the time. 
  • 1 out of every 20 people will have a mic, so team-based games are hard work.

There are probably some more points I’ve missed out on both sides, but this is my personal opinion on the matter, and I cannot wait to get my 360 back up and running to have a challenge online, play with people that actually talk and play with friends. 

I miss my hacked 360. The dashboard was so pretty with loads of extras. 

It also seems forever ago when that was my Gamerscore…