Waltee (Wartooth)

Cheers for another loss, team. Apparently getting well over half of the entire kills needed is still not enough to win with these fools.

Trying to play vidja games with a broken analogue stick just adds to the frustration of mongoloid team mates. Still playing like a king though.

When I went to meet the lady from work earlier on. Don’t suit sunglasses at all. Ha.

Off to meet the lady from workies. I really don’t suit sun glasses at all.

Dinosaur selfie ready for drinks and possible shenanigans.

Topnot wanker.

So while most people are out and about having party times I’m being a lame-o and getting my k/d up on #CoD. Hadn’t played for half a year until the other day and I’m really enjoying it again. Still got it!


Next to impossible to take a picture of this that does it justice what with swelling/morphing etc. but so happy with it. 4 hours on the knee ain’t no joke, kids. Cheers @barfalotsurfscum!

So this is happening on my nobly knee. @barfalotsurfscum

You’re welcome, team.


"I’m a gamer girl."

"Just treat me like one of the guys."

"Hey, what’re you…mmmmmmm"


I’ve got meetings all day, so I’m going to need you ready at a moment’s notice when I get a break.  It’ll be simpler if you just don’t move at all, don’t you agree?


Put her where you want, fuck her how you want.